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Landscape Marketing Secrets

Sep 16, 2017

On this inaugural episode of Pond Marketing Secrets, Laura Reale owner at MyPontent chats with special guest, Tom Reber of The Contractor Fight. Marketing, along with sales, need to be top priority for gaining customer trust and building your contractor brand.

There are three main types of marketing, all of which are important.

  1. Paid Ads: such as a promoted post on social media, a billboard or advertisement.
  2. Content: staying consistent with delivering useful content to your current client list.
  3. Relationships: growing your client list into repeat clients and referrals.

Laura and offer an easy and effective marketing package for landscaping companies all over. Simply sign up for the service and MyPondtent will take care of the rest! If you’d like to see a list of the marketing services provide be sure to stop by the

Laura will also be offering a wonderful free podcast, where she’ll give you a tip of the week and an action she took for her company in the past week. Not only does she understand the contractor business, she’s also in the contracting business. On future episodes, listeners can send in how successful they were in applying the tip of the week, for an open discussion on how to stay top of mind for your clients. 

Tip of the Week: Calling Customers! It only takes a few minutes out of your day, but a friendly call to a past customer to see how they’re enjoying your completed work can make a world of a difference.

Pond Marketing Secrets Action: Laura called her insurance company to get referrals for other landscapers. Her insurance agent is doing introductions.

Tom, today’s guest, is Laura’s business coach, and he has helped her and countless others succeed in taking their contracting business to the next level. It’s important when looking for a business coach that you find someone who has relevant industry experience, and who you have a good chemistry with.

A good business coach will help you to see the blind spots in your business, by asking the questions that bring you to discover the answer. Coming up with your own answers means that you own that resolution and it’ll stick with you. Nobody can see it all, we all have different vantage points. So that’s where a coach can come in handy with guiding you through those blind spots. Every business owner is different, things have to happen different for different people, good coaches can help facilitate that.

Tom offers a few ways to help contractors grow their businesses. If you want some great free options, check out his podcast and blog The Contractor Fight  or joining his The Contractor Fight Facebook Group to surround yourself with like minded individuals. Tom also offers The Contractor Sales Academy for those who want to take their business to the next level. Tom will change your mindset about how things need to be done, teach proven sale processes to drive revenue, and give you valuable marketing tools to continue to grow your contracting business.