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Landscape Marketing Secrets

Oct 9, 2017

On this episode of Pond Marketing Secrets, Laura sits down with Neil Kristianson of Email Splat to discuss The Secret of CRM. Neil helps business to do more with less by creating automated email systems for them.

Tip of the Week: Talk to everyone you know about work. When you’re passionate about what you do and excited, it gets them excited and can lead to unexpected business for your company

Pond Marketing Group Action: What Laura Did This Week

  • Created and sent out the company's monthly newsletter.
  • Being consistent with your email communication will keep you top of mind for your potential customers. People will also be less defensive about being spammed if they’re used to seeing your name regularly in their inbox.

CRM and Automation:

  • Customer Relationship Management. It’s basically a fancy term for having a list of customers and potential customers on hand to reach out to.
  • Neil tries and take that beggining customer journey and automate their process through that initial contact. It makes sure that everyone across the board gets the same great service but also that no potential client falls through the cracks.
  • There are a lot of different software options for CRM, so you can find the platform that works best for you. Most importantly is to find the software that works best for your business, not trying to make your business work around the software.
  • Laura uses Less Annoying CRM Neil uses Ontraport  and Active Campaign gets an honorable mention.
  • Using automation ensures that customers all getting the same service and being given the same information about the company. If they already knew that information, they’re being reminded about what your company does and if not, then they’re learning more about you. Either way, it’s a win win.
  • It can sometimes be complicated or time consuming to set up, but once you’re past that it’s all automated and this list will absolutely find money for your business.
  • Start your list and then sit down and write all your processes out for what emails, marketing, or client contact needs to happen and when.
  • When you start having consistency of what gets sent to customers and when, you can spot where marketing changes need to be made to increase your profits.
  • You can’t automate things that don’t already exist in the real world. You already need to have a process in place that you know works for your company before you spend time, money and effort to automate that process.

To get more information about the beauty of CRM and automated emails from Neil visit at Email Splat and check out his various services.  

For a full list of services offered through Pondtent, visit Pond Marketing Group today!