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Landscape Marketing Secrets

Oct 23, 2017

On this episode of Pond Marketing Secrets, Laura chats with Barbi Holdeman of The Pond Gnome, to break down the secrets of using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program. Learn from Laura and Barbi how they use Less Annoying CRM as part of their marketing plan. Gain knowledgeable information from these pros, on how to use this CRM to grow your own business. 

Tip of the Week:

Laura: Use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management). 

Barbi: Make and follow through with your to-do list. 

Pond Marketing Group Action - What Laura Did This Week:

Attended two outdoor festivals to promote their business and services. Get out there and do something to make yourself and business known to potential clients. 

Less Annoying CRM

With Less Annoying CRM, each potential client can be entered as a contact. That becomes their homebase and starting point. From there you can assign them to your different groups and pipelines so that they are sorted into the best marketing fit for that particular customer. You can keep track of their entire lead process to ensure the best customer service and customer retention possible.

Less Annoying CRM will also sync with your email service, such as MailChimp. So you can keep your clients sorted into the best marketing email strategies for their needs. Every contact should be added to your master email list, so they don’t miss out on your great monthly newsletters or weekly tips! You can also use Less Annoying CRM to group them into more personalized marketing emails, like “Fall Pond Cleanup” or “Ponds with Waterfalls”.


One of the most important things to do is keep your lists clean! Follow through with your lists in Less Annoying CRM. If someone has completed the lead process, move them into the next proper pipelines and groups. This helps you keep track of everything that’s happening with your leads. If you just keep adding new leads into the list and not managing the completed clients the list will just end up as a big mess that you’ll need to sort through later. Less Annoying CRM makes it easy to keep track of clients and move them through the right groups/pipelines, you’ve just got to take the time to do it.

Helpful Hint: Don’t close out of a lead without moving them into a new pipeline or group. You don’t want to lose that contact as a potential lead in the future or forget to put them into the next step in your system. If you close out of a lead without moving them first you could end up losing that contact and all the details you’ve already worked so hard to add in about them!

The secret to marketing is consistency, when you aren’t staying consistent you aren’t staying top of mind with clients and they forget about you. Less Annoying CRM can help you to take control of your customer list to make the most out of the relationships you have established with your clients.

Final advice:

Barbi : Go to Less Annoying CRM's Webpage and watch the tutorial videos! They have tons of great resources available on the site to help you. Also don’t be afraid to reach out to them if you have questions. They are there to help you utilize their product.

Laura: start small until you’re comfortable. You have to start somewhere and just getting started is taking you a step in the right direction. 

Let Laura help your company get set-up and grow with Less Annoying CRM! For a full list of services offered through Pondtent, visit Pond Marketing Group today! 

Want to start using this great marketing tool? Then check out Less Annoying CRM to learn more. You can sign up for a free trial and watch short training/informative videos on how to use the program.