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Landscape Marketing Secrets

Oct 2, 2017

On this episode of Pond Marketing Secrets, Laura sits down with Michael Garcia of Soares Lamdscaping to discuss the benefits of Pond Marketing Service and new strategies to build your fall marketing plan.  Michael has been in the landscaping business for four full seasons now, with marketing help from Pond Marketing Group, Michael has been able to grow his marketing outreach.  

Tip of the Week: Go to a professional development event.

Pond Marketing Group Action: What Laura Did This Week

-Contacted people who signed up for spring cleaning service and not fall.

- Sending out email reminders for fall cleaning services

- Physically mailed contracts with individual pricing to those customers who haven’t signed up for fall clean up yet.

Pond Marketing Group’s Pondtent  marketing services can be as much or as little as your business's needs. The primary focus of this service is to make marketing and email campaigns a breeze. With only 3 months worth of using the service, Michael’s company has received 8 to 10 replies to weekly tip emails or newsletters that have gone out. Being consistent with your email marketing helps to keep you top of mind to your customers!

Part of Pondtent is sending out a monthly newsletter. One week after that newsletter goes out, Michael reviews the open reports and he can see not only who is opening the emails but also who is unsubscribing. With that feature Michael is able to clearly see which clients really need his services and which clients aren’t ready to do business. When you’re top of mind to potential clients, whenever they need your services, you’ll be at the top of the list for them to call. That’s why these emails work. You can keep up with your clients and let them know what other services you do but also remind them that your business is there for them.

It’s up to you as the business owner to help people connect the dots to how they know your company. The more you’re able to personalize that, the better off you’ll be. Referrals can be a great way to grow your potential client list. The main manufacturers or shops where your business buys supplies from can turn into a wonderful way to build that referral relationship. When businesses you work with regularly see you often and you do favors for them, they want to return the favor and do that for you.

Michael’s advice to new business entrepreneurs is two-fold. Always have the mindset of just starting out, continue to learn as if you don’t know anything. That in turn will take you to  new levels of knowledge and success in your business. Read books, find mentors, join associations and find a peer group. Also go into your business knowing that you’re going to have wins and you’re going to have losses. Don’t focus too long on either of those things. Celebrate the wins, but not excessively because you need to keep on top of it. And acknowledge the losses, but don’t dwell on them.  

To see a full list of what services visit Soares Landscaping.

For a full list of services, check out this List of Services that Pond Marketing Group offers with Pondtent.