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Landscape Marketing Secrets

Oct 30, 2017

On this episode of Pond Marketing Secrets, Laura chats with Dan Stanza of Good Earth Water Gardens to share with you the secrets of creating a successful marketing plan. There are so many factors that can go into marketing so Laura and Dan break down how they created his new marketing plan, sharing valuable marketing secrets for your own company 

Tip of the Week: Use a Customer Relationship Management Program (CRM)

Pond Marketing Group Action - What Laura Did This Week: Laura sent out an industry newsletter to potential referral sources/partners.

Basics of Building a Marketing Plan

Start by coming up with your company's goals, develop broad strategies that will help you to reach your goal. Then make a list of tactics that show in detail how you will use your strategies to meet an overall goal.

Goals: something you want to achieve in a set amount of time.

Strategies: something more broad, a generalized what if statement.

“What if we had a list of 100 referral partners this year.”

Tactics: a specific action or task on how you will use strategies to meet your overall goal.

You need to have tactics in place that benefit both long term and short results, your marketing plan needs to have a combination of both.  You should focus on both putting yourself out there but also pulling in results from those efforts.

Laura and dan provide specific examples of beneficial marketing tactics based upon what his company’s goal and strategies are. Providing valuable knowledge for implementing your own marketing plan!

Let Laura help your company achieve marketing goals and stay top of mind with your customers! For a full list of services offered through Pondtent, visit Pond Marketing Group today!